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Tuning Django ORM (part 2): Many-To-Many Queries

Creating and using many-to-many (m2m) related models with Django is, most of the time, really easy-going. In fact, it might sometimes be that easy, that you only realize how complex the data relations are, when your application comes to a grinding halt because of “simply retrieving lists of names related to some other objects”. This [...]

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Tuning Django ORM (part 1): Text Queries

Concerning text queries, Django ORM offers several helper functions. However, some of those are not backed by a database index and will be slow. Fortunately, on PostgreSQL these searches can be sped up with GIN or GIST indexes quite easily.

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Integration Testing Your SOLR Index with Maven

This article describes how to use Maven for testing a SOLR configuration and building a release artifact for it.

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